Processed Meats Linked to Heart Health Risk

Eating 50g of bacon or ham every day could increase the risk of dying from heart disease by nearly 25%, a new study has shown. The study, published on the Journal of Internal Medicine, follows the announcement from the World Health Organization last October, warning of the dangers of consuming too much processed meat. The study also showed that 50g of bacon, equivalent to around 3 slices, also increases the chances of death from cancer by eight per cent, specifically increasing the risk of pancreatic cancer by 19 per cent, bowel by nine per cent and breast and prostate tumors by four per cent. Processed meat also increased the risk of diabetes by 32 per cent, the research showed. It’s thought that the various treatments undergone by processed meat, including curing, smoking, salting and the use of chemical preservatives and additives in order to improve the shelf life or taste, could be behind its increased risk of health issues……. Read

Source: Processed Meats Linked to Heart Health Risk

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