IFT Top 10 Food Trends

Elizabeth Sloan has just published Top 10 trends shaping food and beverage marketplace. The trends are

  1. Prep It

Semi-prepared foods now dominate home dinner preparation. In 2016, 53% of shoppers used some partially prepared items versus 35% who cooked mostly from scratch.

  1. Lifestyle Foods

With Americans eating alone on U.S. households now comprised of an adult living alone, it’s not surprising that single-serve packaging and individually portioned multi-packs are increasingly in demand. On average, 53% of the population eats breakfast alone; 45% dine alone at lunch; and 24% do so at dinner.

  1. Kid-Specific

Products for babies, toddlers, and kids will be back in business as Millennials continue to drive a new baby boom. In 2015, 4 million babies were born in the United States. Moreover, with growth in the female population concentrated between the ages of 24–39 from 2015–2020, the number of children aged 1–3 is projected to grow by 6.7%.

  1. The New Nationalism

Consumers’ newfound pride in all things American is going to drive unprecedented opportunities for American regional cuisines, ingredients, and comfort foods as well as rejuvenate country-of-origin concerns. More than one-third (36%) of specialty food shoppers bought gourmet regional American foods/ingredients last year.

  1. Nutritionals

The demand for a simpler way to ensure a healthy lifestyle continues, and highly fortified nutritionals are getting the nod. For the first time, nutritional/supplement drinks, bars, and meal replacements were among the top 10 fastest-growing food/beverage categories

in the United States, up 9.8% for Y/E Oct. 1, 2016.

  1. Dinner Redesigned

A typical home dinner for 86% of shoppers includes a main dish; for 61%, it includes a vegetable; for 48%, a salad; and for 44%, a dessert. Meat and poultry are making a

steady return to the center of the plate, likely due to lower prices.

  1. Ag Alternatives

Americans continue to experiment with plant-based meals, eating regimens, and meat/dairy alternatives. One in five are regularly eating more meatless meals/meat alternatives; 47% do so occasionally.

  1. Upgrading

It’s time to seriously consider a culinary food product upgrade across the board. In 2016, for

the first time, men were more likely to buy specialty foods than women.

  1. Claim It . . .

Savvy marketers are turning to package claims/copy to convey their benefits more quickly to consumers. With half of adults citing under 30 minutes as the ideal amount of time for food preparation, quick and easy claims remain a critical purchase consideration.

  1. Natural Living

The desire to live a more natural, chemical free, sustainably focused life is accelerating. Twenty-eight percent of grocery retailers predict natural/organic groceries will grow in 2017.

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