How Was Life? – Global Well-being since 1820

How Was Life? | OECD READ edition.

The report examines 10 individual dimensions of well-being, tracking them over time and space, then pulls them together in a new composite indicator. The dimensions covered reflect a broad range of material and non-material aspects of well-being: per capita GDP, real wages, educational attainment, life expectancy, height, personal security, political institutions, environmental quality, income inequality and gender inequality. Obviously, the data quality will differ across indicators, time and countries. This report presents the various historical datasets for each specific dimension of well-being, discusses their limitations and indicates where further progress can be made. These new data open up the possibility to chart developments of well-being around the world in the past two centuries. They can be used to analyse the broad development paths of individual countries, or to analyse differences in performance across countries in one particular dimension

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