August 17, 2014


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Functional Foods Weekly is a market intelligence and innovations newsletter from OzScientific Pty Ltd, a company registered in Australia. The address of the company for correspondence is PO Box 8018, Tarneit (Melbourne), VIC 3029, Australia.

Please note the following Terms & Conditions apply when you use Functional Foods Weekly Web site (“the Website”):

Terms of Use:

By visiting the Website, you are deemed to have read and accepted these Terms of Use. Please don’t use the Website or its contents if you do not agree to the Terms. OzScientific may modify the Terms of Use from time to time and latest modifications will apply to the Term of Use. You should check the Terms of Use and ensure that you follow the Terms of Use if you wish to continue using the Website and its contents

Accuracy of Content:

OzScientific makes every effort to ensure that the content of the Website is accurate and up-to-date, but OzScientific does not offer any warranties (whether express implied or otherwise) as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information appearing on the Website. OzScientific may remove or update material from the Website at its own discretion and without giving any notice. Nutritional information contained in this Website is sourced from various sources and OzScientific does not guarantee of the accuracy of the information or claimed health benefits, if any. Neither does OzScientific endorse any products or services listed on the Website.

Intellectual Property:

You acknowledge and agree that all copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in the Website content, software and all HTML and other code contained in this Website, shall remain at all times vested in OzScientific and/or its licensors and is protected by copyright and other laws and international treaty provisions. Users may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, redistribute, reproduce, publish, license, commercially exploit, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any material which may be displayed on the Website from time to time without first obtaining permission to do so from OzScientific in writing.

Many of the news items published on the Website are sourced from a range of sources such as company media releases, Web searches, RSS feeds, email subscriptions, and various other means. At all times the copyright material remains the property of the original source while Functional Foods Weekly merely provides a news service with summary and links to the original sources. OzScientific does not claim rights to the material provided as part of the publication, Functional Foods Weekly and offers the news service with additional interpretation as needed.

The Website and its contents are copyright material and OzScientific owns the copyright unless stated otherwise. Without limiting the foregoing, copying the above listed materials to any other server or location for publication, reproduction or distribution is expressly prohibited.


Web Links:

OzScientific may from time to time include links on this Website to other websites or resources operated by parties other than OzScientific. These links are provided for the convenience of users and OzScientific is not responsible for the availability of such external websites or resources and does not endorse or accept responsibility for the content of such external websites or resources and has no responsibility for or control over the privacy policy (if any) of the operators of the external websites. As a user, you are strongly advised to check the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policies of these external websites before entering or making use of them.


Functional Foods Weekly Subscription Conditions:

Functional Foods Weekly is a newsletter compiled from analysis of over 500 resources every week including media releases, Internet searches, news wires, RSS feeds, social media feeds, magazines, research journals, patent sites to help innovations in healthy ingredients, foods & drinks.

Functional Foods Weekly (46 electronic Issues/year) subscription is available as single, multiple, library, academic, site and corporate user licenses. It is targeted at FMCG food, dairy, nutrition, beverage & ingredient industry CEOs, Marketing and R&D executives and their teams. Academic & governments institutions and libraries receive special subscription rates.

Functional Foods Weekly is addressed (unless library/site/corporate subscription is taken) to an individual and we request that you do not forward or share the newsletter without prior consent of OzScientific Pty Ltd. Your subscription may be cancelled without refund if there was an evidence of the misuse of the subscription licence. OzScientific Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse subscription, vary subscription rates and offer variable rates. Invoice for renewal is sent at the end of the subscription; subscribers are required to confirm if renewal is not required within 2 weeks. Failing that, OzScientific will assume that the subscription is renewed. Renewal subscription payments are due within 4 weeks of renewal; delayed payments may incur an additional service charge.

Functional Foods Weekly uses Web links to reach original sources of information and as Web links can be unreliable, we cannot guarantee the validity of the link (although we do test the links before the Weekly is delivered). Web links can expire over time and some sources may require a subscription or registration to view. The Weekly is mailed as a bulk email and we cannot guarantee the delivery every week as individual organisations/servers have capacity to block emails and we have no control over that (although we do attempt to resend the Weekly if it bounces back; we also try to contact the subscriber). The use of the information is at the discretion of the user. OzScientific® is not liable for any damage whatsoever caused by the email or newsletter or by use of the information in this email or newsletter.


Limitation of Liability:

The Internet is by its nature an unreliable medium. Consequently, you accept that this Website is offered on an “as is” and “as available” basis. OzScientific takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the Website is properly functioning at all times but OzScientific does not warrant that this Website will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that this Website or the server that makes it available are free of software viruses or bugs or other defects. You must take your own precautions (including but not limited to installing adequate protective measures to guard against software viruses and ensuring that you retain up-to-date copies of all data) to protect yourself against loss or damage.

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