Commission opens inquiry into Danish ‘fat tax’ | EurActiv

Commission opens inquiry into Danish ‘fat tax’ | EurActiv.

The European Commission suspects that Denmark’s so-called ‘fat tax’, introduced in 2011 but scrapped a year later, could be considered illegal state aid. Opening the case on Thursday (5 February), the EU executive said it sought to determine whether or not food producers who were not forced to add an extra fat tax on their products received illegal assistance. The Danish fat tax was introduced by the previous centre-right government to promote healthier diets and came into effect in October 2011. The tax was put on meat, dairy products, oils and other foods which contained more than 2.3% of saturated fat. But the new centre-left government currently in power decided to abolish the tax in January 2013, citing administrative burdens. The Commission’s current view is that all products with saturated fats should have had the fat tax added.  “I am puzzled why the Commission raises this case now, when the tax was repealed more than two years ago,” Benny Engelbrecht, the Danish minister of taxation, said in a statement. “But the government will have a dialogue with the Commission in order to find a sensible solution,” he added…… Read

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