2020health – Careless Eating Costs Lives

2020health – Careless Eating Costs Lives.


Careless Eating Costs LivesThe post-war era has seen a global food system emerge which affords us a grand array of food choices that are highly processed, more affordable and persuasively marketed. In parallel to this, we live an increasingly sedentary lifestyle enabled by transport, technology and a move from rural to urban habitat. Convenience, excess, wealth, changing family lifestyles and media have all played their part in turning us into the fat man of Europe. Whilst various initiatives have sought to reduce the nation’s waistband, the core issue remains that today people are generally consuming too much of everything. To adapt a familiar wartime slogan, careless eating cost lives. As this report demonstrates there is no magic pill which will help provide the cure. There are a whole range of factors which need to be considered. It is a complex issue because it underpins not only what we eat but how we live our daily lives, the environment and the way in which we live and work and how we feel about ourselves. The report’s findings indicate that much like wartime Britain, we need to once again adopt a holistic, ‘health in the round’ approach and that moderation at every level has to become fashionable again…… pdf, 86 pages…. Read


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