11 food trends according to Fonterra

Below are 11 dairy trends according to Fonterra NZ

  1. Natural authentic whole foods– Increasingly people want to eat foods as nature intended them to be. They want foods to be naturally authentic as close as possible to their natural state – less processing, less additives and less intervention.
  2. “Good for you” foods– Consumers are looking for customized solutions, active ingredients that will improve gut-health, digestion, fortify bones, boost immunity, or provide other vitamins and minerals particularly relevant to their stage of life, from pregnancy, to infant and child nutrition, to healthy aging.
  3. Sustainable diets– People want to choose foods that will have less negative impact on the environment and the communities that produce them; they want food to be ethically sourced, sustainable and from renewable resources.
  4. Grass-fed grazing– As part of the push to understand where natural food is coming from and to bring more trust , confidence and transparency people are becoming interested in eggs, dairy and meat that are grass-fed.
  5. Protein craze not just for athletes– People are looking for sources of high quality protein in food and beverages and we can expect to see more scientific research showing the benefits of increased protein intake for adults, moving protein supplements away from the preserve of the gym-set and more into the “everyday”.
  6. Less sugar– Less is more
  7. Healthy snacking– People are looking for “grab and go” foods that are healthy and conveniently packaged. This is true of working adults, single person households and for children’s nutrition.
  8. Gourmet convenience– There is a big push to cook like a Masterchef at home with high quality ingredients, but people want a few shortcuts to help them achieve Masterchef outcomes without actually having to be a master chef.
  9. Permissible indulgences – Health conscious consumers still want to enjoy some pleasure so to help justify an indulgence they are for looking indulgences that boast more wholesome or natural ingredients.
  10. Good enough to Tweet– Digital revolution makes the smartphone an indispensable utensil for searching , eating and dining – whether that is sharing images of what you have made yourself or taking a quick snap of a restaurant meal. Eating is more social, interactive and authentic than ever before.
  11. Dairy premiumisation– is happening with improvement of life standards and income .


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