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Functional Foods Weekly (ISSN 1837-7971) is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective weekly newsletter on dairy, health, nutritional and functional foods. The Weekly is compiled through an expert analysis of over 500 sources every week including newsletters, media releases, Web searches, patent sites, RSS/twitter feeds, etc. There is an on-going effort to improve the quality & relevance of the information. Functional Foods Weekly is available 46 times a year as a pdf with distilled and digested news on market intelligence, innovations, regulations, trends etc. with credits/links to original, well-regarded sources. One-year subscription (46 Issues) of Functional Foods Weekly includes: 1) Over 900 pages of comprehensive reading material 2) Summary and links to over 3000 consumer, business, market intelligence, regulations updates, new products (with pictures) updates 3) Summary and links to over 100 freely available highly relevant full text articles and reports for downloading

  • FMCG company updates

  • Market size and potential

  • New product launches

  • Nutrition and health claims

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Fonterra is a global leader in dairy products and ingredients and often considered the main driver for innovations in dairy.

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Goodman Fielder

Goodman Fielder is a market leader in home ingredients in Asia Pacific region of the world.

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Lion Dairy and Drinks

Lion Dairy and Drinks boasts the most innovative dairy products in Australia with key brands such as King Island and Yoplait

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Based in US, Cargill Health Foods Technology provides healthy ingredients for food formulations.